Portfolio | U·Pen

U·Pen has a vision: to empower design

We met U·Pen by chance and fell in love at first sight.

She is symbolizing our philosophy very much with unique elements: western industrial technology, traditional Asian philosophy and modern Chinese design style.

We love to start with a blank piece of paper and bring ideas and visions to live by using a pen. The pen is the linking element between the obscure and invisible idea and the way forward. U·Pen has a multifunction, not only as tool to write, but also help to achieve the immersion thinking flow. The bearing top is spinning smooth and continuously, drive to be intense and relaxed inspiration.

Turning the bearing top feels like the film „Inception“, which uses the top spin as reference switch between the coordinates of dream and reality. Very imaginative design grows slowly and stable like art owns time.

Our mission is to support this passion and our passion is to support this mission.
A sense of accomplishment when turning a favorite into a demand.