Co-Create | True Wagyu

TrueWagyu has a vision: ‚a name as mission statement‘

Nowadays, people are surrounded by too many things, when the choice is no longer a question of resource limitation but a question of overmuch doubt, it leads to the misery of heart and soul. The way to improve core quality and reduce excess quantity will make us happy. We can only respect ourselves if we respect how we care about our things as same as food—healthy, tasty and satisfying.

TrueWagyu states: “Sustainability, expertise and enthusiasm are the cornerstones of our company. Outstanding genetics, tradition and species-appropriate husbandry, and the feeding of harvest-fresh grain and sun-dried hay, make our fullbloods a genuine and true Wagyu beef experience.”

To ensure the quality of sustainable food it needs time, like Henry Ford told us: “The greatest enemy of quality is haste.” This philosophy is valid for everything.

We would like to plant this concept as seeds in other places of the world to let more people enjoy and appreciate high quality food. With TrueWagyu we will go the glocal way “think global, act local”.